Has Evolution Allowed Man to Defy the Laws of Nature

Does the phrase, "survival of the fittest" apply to us? Has evolution allowed humans to defy the laws of nature or is it just a matter of time

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william_cade1097d ago

"Basically, the gist of it is that the strongest and the smartest survive while the rest perish or are forgotten."

Since Darwin also took into account natural pressures there's a great deal of chance,

For instance we have a brown and white moth. the brown moth isn't successful because its camo. doesn't fit in its environment so the birds eat more of the brown one, which slows reproduction. One day all the white barked trees die and the white moth hovers near extinction while the brown moth proliferates.

None of this has to do with being smart or strong. Dinosaurs were both, would have to be since they were alive much longer than humans. Now, this isn't to say its all about catastrophes either. There is so much more to take into consideration all the while admitting that Darwin's human studies were minuscule compared to his study of plants and birds.

In sum, what you have a achieved with this is a vague stab at social Darwinism, which we know how that ends. You might want to look into Kropotkin's "Mutual Aid"

Cobra9511097d ago

No. That isn't possible for anything natural, which includes humanity. Supernatural beings, if they exist, may be able to supersede nature. We cannot.

Natural selection includes the development of intellect in humans. That is, human intellect and what it makes possible are *natural* in our environment. We dominate the higher lifeforms because of the societies and division of labor it makes possible.

Nature is not benevolent. It is not malevolent. It is indifferent. We are its most complex result, and we are blameless in that process. Never feel guilty for your status in our biosphere.