AMD 3rd Gen Ryzen Faster than Core i9-9900K at half the Power

With the initial reveal of AMD's new 3rd Gen Ryzen lineup, we've come to know about its performance compared to the competition and its surprising to say the least.

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drpepperdude1787d ago

Until we see single-thread performance I'm not sold on going with Ryzen on my next build.

babadivad1787d ago (Edited 1787d ago )

It was a core for core comparison. 8 cores vs 8 cores. And all signs are pointing to this being a midrange Ryzen chip out competing the very top of the line chip from Intel.

ABizzel11786d ago

Single core performance would at worst be on par with the Intel 8700k to even compete with the i9-900k. Which is pretty much what each version of Ryzen has done to catch up to NVIDIA.

Ryzen 1700 single core = Intel 4000
Ryzen 2700 single core = Intel 6000
Ryzen 3700 single core = Intel 8000

I assume the clock speeds on the Ryzen CPU were higher than the Intel's stock speeds, but the point is, with Zen 2 you can get $600 Intel performance on the Ryzen 3700x which should be priced $400 or less.

And if rumors are true then the CPU is actually the Ryzen 3600x, since the rumored 3700x has more CPU cores than 8C/16T.

pinkyxyz1786d ago

Honest question. How do you question the core performance without knowing that the test was run intentionally on the 8 core vs 8 core to showcase the core for core performance? like seriously

kevnb1787d ago

AMD have had chips that were awesome at cinebench for the time before, I don’t really care how good cinebench runs though.

jonivtec1787d ago

lol...good point...my next build might be ryzen....im waiting for a good gap between my actual 6700k(4.6ghz) and my next cpu....not sold on spending more than 400/500 $ can for a processor.

ABizzel11786d ago (Edited 1786d ago )

The 8700k was your upgrade then, it was $300 ($100 below your minimum budget) on Black Friday, and offers 2 more cores and 4 more threads, with a 10% single core performance boost, 20% quad-core performance boost, and nearly 70% multi-core performance boost.

You could have sold your 6700k for at least $100 - $150, and got the 8700k for basically $150 - $200.

But Ryzen 3700x should have single core performance at minimum on par with the 8700k, and offer 2 more CPU cores, and 4 more threads. So If you're not dying with your 6700k, I say wait until holiday 2019, and pick up a discontinued 8700k for around $200 - $250, 9700k for $300, or a Ryzen 3700x. If you don't mind similar single core performance to your 6700k, but 8C/16T, then you can even go with a Ryzen 2700x for around $150 holiday 2019.

Profchaos1787d ago

Given how disappointing the 9900k was though it's not surprising to see Intel came to market with something that was overhyped had extremely poor thermals and high power consumption and wanted a small fortune for it. And meanwhile they also under delieverd on the i7 9700k which had very similar performance to the 8700k in fact in my recent December build instill picked the 8700k for price and performance in virtualisation.

Hopefully Intel can deliver something redeemable later in the year but these new ryzen chips may change alot of people over to team Red

ABizzel11786d ago

Intel will likely have the single core win with their new release and possibly get their core/thread counts on par with AMD with the move to 10nm, although I don't expect a huge difference between the CPUs, until Intels moves over to 7nm as well. I'd say we're looking at around 10% - 15% more performance.

However, this battle will come down to price. Intel can't be 10% better, while costing $100 more, for once we might get CPU prices back down to reasonable levels with great performance being offered in both the mid and high range.

The i5 series has surpassed the last of the 4c/8t i7's (i7 7700k) already, and in the next 1 - 2 years the i3 series will surpass it as well, the same should be said for the Ryzen 3000 series.

Profchaos1786d ago

Given how many times Intel delayed the move to 10nm processors I think they will be a few years away from achieving it.

But I agree with you Intel can't keep competing by offering small increases in performance and continue to ask for more money.

oneconsoleonly1787d ago

AMD I think will have advantage in multi cores though. We need to see game performance where intel is strong


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