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Netflix Blows Apple By Ending In-App Purchases For iOS

Netflix blows apple by ending in app purchases for iOS devices. Apple who already encouraging apps developers to adopt subscription as a model

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bluefox7551730d ago

Netflix blows apple? Interesting word choice. Personally, I would have went with "deals a blow to".

6600401730d ago

Subscription based services balancing apple's low smartphone sales thats the reason.. This could cost over $120 million to apple

WeOwnTheNight1730d ago

Can't expect any better from a thrashy new source

6600401730d ago

Thats a big amount.. However this change costing netflix too.. Still they did that!


Apple Will Give You A Free IPhone 14, But Only If You Can Hack It

Not only will they give you an iPhone 14 Pro, they'll pay a bounty fee ranging from $5,000 to $1 million.

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iPhone 15 and Apple’s Lack of Innovation

Shaz from TL writes: “Innovation in the smartphone marketplace has been stagnant for some time. Though I’d argue Apple have been worse than others in recent years.”

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Famous ChatGPT app Petey is currently available for iPad

The famous ChatGPT application for Apple Watch, Petey, became available for iPhone a couple of months ago.

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