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iPhone Xs Max Exploded In A Man's Pocket, He's Planning For Lawsuit

iPhone XS Max Explode in Pocket Of A Man From Ohio, He's now planning to file a case against Apple and not willing to get new phone from Apple

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6600401272d ago

Lol look at apple's reply,
Take new smartphone from us

lvlessi1272d ago

he might got other plans

WeOwnTheNight1272d ago

Did you team of 10 Indian engineers help you put together that story?

BuildTheWall1272d ago (Edited 1272d ago )

At least the phone was only in his pocket instead of up his ass or at least according to the article

lvlessi1272d ago

hehe damn. yeah that was in his trouser's pocket

Babadook71271d ago

Just like the problem with galaxy note phones. Except here it happens 1/1000000th as often.

WeOwnTheNight1271d ago

Thank you. These wannabe bloggers report on the tiniest of things. Shame they don't know how unstable Li-Ion can be at times and that every phone is susceptible to failure if the battery is faulty.