This Futuristic "Bionic Display" Headset Puts the HTC Vive Pro to Shame

A new VR headset is on the horizon that features a retina display. Dubbed as the "Bionic display", it beats the pants off mainstream high-end headsets.

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steven83r1135d ago

That's a pretty stupid comparison. You cant say this headset beats HTC and leave it at that. No shit. Its $10,000!!! It better beat it.

demonicale1135d ago

What's tthe point if consumers can't buy it though?.

big_dom_returns1134d ago

I keep hearing these complaints about expensive technology like this. There is a point to it. It's proof of concept and proof that it works. Sure, it's expensive now, but like everything else, it won't be in the near future. I mean, how much would a 4k TV cost about 10 years ago? People also like to cite VR in the 90's as a failure when looking for an argument for it to fail again today, but that doesn't apply because in the 90's a VR set up costs upwards of 20 grand, and in comparison to what it is now, there isn't any.

demonicale1134d ago

I understand where you're coming from, but this technology is going to be a very long time before it becomes affordable.
I never see the point ... for example talking about 8k etc. until they fine tune it so that the average person can afford it.