AMD Radeon RX 3080 to compete with GeForce RTX 2070 at half the cost

Latest leaks and rumours about AMD's upcoming Radeon RX 3000 series Graphics Cards shed more light on their price and performance.

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MWH10d ago

Let's see how this game will turn. I hope AMD will give Nvidia a run for its money.

Cobra95110d ago

And Intel in 2020. We so need real competition in this market. Hope springs eternal.

Parasyte10d ago

I so hope this info is true! Would mean great things for my next build!

OmnislashVer3610d ago (Edited 10d ago )

IKR. I don't have much money so I'd just be getting the card(and then a new CPU later) but this sounds insane.

I really hope Lost Ark comes west as well. Would be pretty epic to have this card(and play it in 4K60).

Also think of how much of a beast PS5/X2 would be.

Promachos10d ago

Although an Nvidia guy I really love AMD and do hope they become competitive again. We need them. My system is Ryzen based despite my GPU.