Why Raytracing Should be Limited to the NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2080 & 2080 Ti

NVIDIA has been touting their new GeForce RTX cards as the first raytracing capable cards, but not all of them do it all that well

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FlyingFoxy1023d ago (Edited 1023d ago )

Nvidia are definitely taking the urine with pricing this gen, i thought the 980Ti was expensive enough when it launched. It was the 1080Ti that it started to get a bit silly, and then just completely stupid with the 2080Ti.

I think the greed has got to them and that's why we have Apple like pricing from them now.

As for Raytracing, it's obviously not ready. They seem to have slapped it on this gen of cards just for the sake of it being there, it won't be until the next lot of cards that they can run it decently anyway.

R6ex1022d ago

That's why we need AMD to be competitive to keep NV's pricing in check.

Watsyerproblem11022d ago

It's a bit soon to make these kinds of assumptions. There is only one DXR enabled game right now... basing such a conclusion on a single data point is silly.

ethereal_trespasser1022d ago

That is true, but hut how much improvement can you expect? Also the 2070 makes no sense. It's too expensive to be a budget card and struggles at real time raytracing