NVIDIA GTX 2060 Delayed; To be based on Turing Instead of Pascal Refresh

NVIDIA's stocks dropped by 18% and team green is blaming the oversupply of older Pascal cards which is expected to last for at least one to two quarters.

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1nsomniac333d ago

I thought they had said they weren't going to make a 2060?

Cobra951333d ago

If the tepid response to RTX and its prices wasn't enough to wake them up, perhaps the piles of leftover 1060s will. The cryptomining boom is done. Not nearly enough people will pay four figures for a mild bump in top-end performance (or an impractical new technology). Even less will pay half that much for the equivalent of a 1060. They need to regroup and find their way back into our trust, and reasonable prices. I don't know where they'll go with midrange Turing, but it better have something to say beyond Pascal, or AMD will eat them up in the budget-conscious range.