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Artificial Intelligence (AI) Vs Machine Learning (ML)? Are Both Same?

What is Artificial Intelligence? What is Machine Learning? How AI and ML Relates and how both perform? Artificial Intelligence Vs Machine Learning and Types

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MWH307d ago

neither are practicle terms. Until now all we have are machines and devices excuting instructions programed by us.

LightofDarkness306d ago

ML is a kind of AI. But AI can also be achieved using Deep Learning, Neural Networks and SVM, and many more. Often these techniques are applied together to solve larger problems. It's nothing like it's portrayed in movies or even by some fear-mongering, self-professed "futurists". It's actually quite stupid, but it can be used to crack some particularly hard nuts, and make people's jobs much easier.

lvlessi306d ago

What will happen in future when we start to use AI in a bigger picture and if somehow we won't be able to control it? ! AI which takes decision or performs actions itself and gets improved with experience...