Electric vehicles just got classier with the new Harley-Davidson LiveWire

Everyone knows that electric vehicles are the future. While the first attempts were quite unimpressive, at least design-wise, things are definitely getting better nowadays. Tesla’s electric cars look better and better with every generation, and now we can welcome the first Harley-Davidson electric motorcycle in our lives. Just like any other Harley, it looks amazing.

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pressjudge219d ago

Harley is always with the trend and like Elon with his car and truck H Davidson have a winner with this model.

MattDavisGR219d ago

Harley is to women as honey for bees :)

kneon218d ago

I prefer the Arc Vector, but it's in a totally different league costing about 4 times as much as the Livewire. But you get 2 to 3 times the range and a top speed almost 60MPH faster.

annoyedgamer218d ago

The concept of a quiet motorbike with no engine noise is extremely appealing. Imagine jetting down an open road at 60 MPH with no noise other than the wind...

CoryHG218d ago

Once you own a bike, you realize noise is important. Allows people on the road to know where you are. No noise is a problem.