Disney released new read-along books that interact with Google Home as you read them

A new series of Disney read-along books interact with Google Home so story time becomes even more special between a child and an adult. Certain Golden Books read aloud titles will now cause a Google Home device to play related sound effects and music, thereby bringing the story to life.

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Unfortunately Disney does not allow the public to "pitch ideas". It is policy to not accept such things. I would love for Disney to do a VR version of the older story books (the ones that had a cassette that went along with the book). In the VR version (preferably with room scale) the "page" would actually be a virtual scene from the story that one could walk around in. Instead of the chime to turn the page, the "chime" would render the next scene. It would be like standing inside these classic Disney stories (almost like the rides at Disneyland except if one could stop the ride, get off, and walk around each scene). On top of that, they could bundle a "VR story book experience" with new movie releases... It could be incredible for both VR and Disney...