Google Pixel 3 XL review - A Few Swipes from Perfection | Elite Gamer

The body, camera quality and premium performance are all something to write home about. Despite some issues, Elite Gamer found Pixel 3 XL worth the minor workarounds.

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obscurenamedigit243d ago

THE NOTCH! I love it, Once people get used to it and developers utilise it as a dynamic screen space I think we'll see it more often until someone embeds the earpiece into the screen and the whole device becomes the screen.

PrimeVinister243d ago

Huawei Mate 20 Pro has an in-screen fingerprint reader so why not an earpiece eventually.

FinalFantasyFanatic242d ago

I don't like the notch or chin trend myself, I don't think it's worth what little extra screen space it provides.