Rise of robots ‘could see workers enjoy four-day weeks’

Benefits of automation must be passed on to staff, says thinktank

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KingPin220d ago

on the bright side there'd be no down time due to strikes and wage negotiations falling through. not to mention 24 hour production at a fraction of the cost.

automation is the future. change is inevitable. people need to face that reality.

Bathyj220d ago

So only the bosses have jobs? Yeah great idea.

KingPin220d ago


yes only bosses....because who needs roboticists, engineers, programmers, AI engineers, etc to create the machines in the first case right. only bosses can do all of that......./s

Most tasks done by machines in today's times are menial, repetitive jobs that machines can do easily. however, there are some jobs where a human can do better than machines as proved by Elon Musk when making the Tesla factory.

Imalwaysright220d ago

So if a factory that employs 5000 people all of sudden only needs 50 people to get it running what will happen to the 4050 people that lost their jobs and can't find jobs anywhere else to support themselves and their families because "automation is the future"? Mind you I'm just giving you the example of 1 factory.

"Most tasks done by machines in today's times are menial" Right now maybe that's true but what happens when we make machines that can do more than just "menial tasks"? I don't know what you do for a living but imagine that in 5 years someone comes up with a machine that can do what you do that does it better, does it faster and works 24/7 for years on end.

This isn't just a change. This would require many many things to change in our society.

KingPin219d ago

there will always be jobs for humans somewhere along the lines and if they arent any that doesnt mean people will be poorer. there will be some sort of machine/robotic tax whereby people will become subsidized by governments if there really is nothing for them to do.

50 years ago there was no such job as a web developer. 20 years ago there was no such job as social media manager. etc etc. people who fear change because of technology are more than likely the ones that get left behind. Humans will always more than likely play a part in business regardless. And maybe there will come a time where machines to everything for everyone but then society/economics will change accordingly as well.