AMD Radeon RX 680 Graphics Card May Land in November; 15% Faster

More and more sources are pointing to the fact that AMD will be releasing a new iteration of its Polaris lineup on the 12nm node.

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KTF26222d ago

I hope not with this
it's just RX500 refresh which is RX400 refresh in the first place

ProjectVulcan222d ago (Edited 222d ago )

RX580 = Xbox One X.

You want at least double that performance to be able to really move the game on, in additional to a vastly better Ryzen CPU. It'll have to be built on the TSMC 7nm manufacturing node to achieve this- it's pretty much certain Sony will wait for that.

Not going to be enough 7nm production capacity to build consoles en masse in 2019. All of TSMC's 7nm capacity for the next 12 months will be eaten up by consumer Ryzen and Epyc CPUs, Navi GPUs, Nvidia GPUs, Apple's new SoC etc. Customers with bigger contracts, and bigger margins. Priority over low margin console chips.

Any new 7nm console will be 2020 at the earliest, if I laid a confident bet.