Does NVIDIA Gimp Older Generations of GeForce Cards?

NVIDIA may be the dominant force in the graphics card market, but that doesn’t mean the company hasn’t faced its share of criticism for anti-competitive and anti-consumer practices. One of the most prominent arguments concerns NVIDIA’s support for older architectures or lack thereof.

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1nsomniac255d ago (Edited 255d ago )

All we need now is a Harvard university student to write a paper about it...

On a serious note though, of course they do. That’s business these days apparently. If they get caught they’ll just get a slap on the wrist & they’ll have to find a new way of hiding their methods.

Everybody will just let it continue because we’re all thick as pig shit!

Sashamaz255d ago

Did you even read the article?

PirosThe4th255d ago

I can confirm they do, I have an older driver on my 1080 and I get around 10-15 fps more than with latest drivers in 4K.

Cobra951255d ago

Check driver releases again. The first one released after the 20-series landed has an issue with the top-tier 10 cards. (Alliteration not intended.) The following one rectifies the problem. This has been benchmarked, and confirmed.

KingPin255d ago

watched this video last year about this exact same topic.

ravinash253d ago

thanks for that... good watch.

LightofDarkness255d ago

It's been proven quite definitively that they don't, by a number tech sites and youtubers.

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