Apple will brick your iMac Pro or MacBook Pro if you try to repair it yourself

According to a document obtained by MacRumors, if you try to repair your Apple iMac Pro or MacBook Pro yourself, you are totally screwed.

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hard joe257d ago

isheeps love being milked

jerethdagryphon257d ago

How if its some form of contact sensor lining the case then it should be possible to bridge it it will take somepne sacrifice ing them to understand how they work I give it 5 months before this is solved

thejigisup257d ago

And the average user will say so what because they wouldn't attempt it themselves anyhow. Meanwhile they ignore that the cost of repair could skyrocket when they monopolize the service. Apples policies have been on a continuous streak of suck these last few years. It starts with one product and policy then another and it keeps them pushing and pushing. This is how people become seemingly locked into an ecosystem. I may like their products but the policies prevent me from actually purchasing anything from them. I hope people stop purchasing their products until the policies change.

m2stech257d ago

people buying macs deserve it

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