AMD Zen 2 leaks suggest a 4.5GHz 8-core 16 thread CPU

The 7nm AMD Zen 2 processors will be unveiled soon and we've just received some details from a well known member of the HardOCP forums.

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KingPin230d ago

i dont know how to take this.....its awesome that AMD is releasing quality processors but the timing...

i feel like every year its a new/better chip coming out so not sure whether to buy now or wait till the new ones release so the current ones go cheaper or just buy the later one when its released.

its like intel syndrome.

Robin2win14230d ago

It's not an Intel thing. It applies to technology in general. The next best thing is always juuuust around the corner. At the end of the day the easiest way to pull the trigger is to ask yourself if you have a use for it now. If you do, buy it and be happy with it. I'm still rocking my R5 1600 for my editing rig and I love it!