It only costs Apple $443 to make the $1,249 iPhone XS Max, suckers

The iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max are among the most expensive smartphones ever released. We now have an idea what these phones are costing Apple to produce.

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2pacalypsenow687d ago

Alright, now go and make an iphone and sell it for $443

badboyz09687d ago

Your a loser tupac was actor who posed a wannabe thug to sell records!

2pacalypsenow687d ago

Good lord, learn how to put together a proper sentence.


bradfh687d ago

more like, now go to china and make an iphone from parts for $443

zodiac909687d ago

Ever since Jobs passed away, They went from a company asking "How can we innovate as much as possible for the most reasonable price?"
Now with Tim Cook they ask "How can we change as little as possible, while increasing the price?"


stupidest thing ive ever read. the materials alone cost that amount of money. do you think the machines apple has to build and maintain inside the buildings they pay taxes to own came for free? do you think the massive amounts of adds that run accross tv and the internet dont cost anything? i heard the mall foor space apple has to pay hundreds of thousands in rent for is run by homeless shelter volunteers in their off time.