Microsoft IntelliMouse Classic review - Versatile, Hard-Wearing, Iconic | Elite Gamer

Consider the IntelliMouse Classic next time you need a mouse. Consider its 5+wheel button layout and how only three keys can be customised, if these aren't a big deal - buy it.

A 1,000Hz report rate and reliable BlueTrack laser more than offset any minor drawbacks.

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PrimeVinister1477d ago

I do... Only too well. And gently cleaning the fur from around the ball :-P

Cobra9511476d ago

My eyes widened when he spoke of a PS/2 connection. Sadly confusing, as it has nothing to do with this USB mouse. Why has support for the inherently much-superior PS/2 mouse connection waned so much? It's still an integral part of every motherboard in my experience.