A leak on Apple’s website reveals 3 new iPhones: iPhone Xs, iPhone Xs Max, and iPhone Xr

Hours before it makes the official announcement, Apple has accidentally leaked the names for this year’s iPhones. They will be iPhone Xs, iPhone Xs Max, and iPhone Xr., according to an Apple sitemap file that since has been pulled.

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mcstorm372d ago

I don't get apple. If they bring out a max device whichbis just a bigger x like the S8 and s8+ I think apple have missed a market.

I have just upgraded from my xperia xz premium to a note 8 and wow is this phone impressive. I wanted a bigger phone and thought the stylus would come in handy for some video and graphics editing I have started to do for my hockey team. At 1st I thought the pen was not much use but once I did a few searches on what it can do wow it's changed how I use a phone.
Apple and others really need to look at offering a big phone with a pen imo I'll never go back to a normal phone now.

ilikestuff372d ago

I just wanted a new small one, shaped like the x but the size of my se. I’m dissatisfied, disappointed and other “d” words as well.

KingPin372d ago

you forgot apples saying....

customers dont tell us what to build, we build it and tell them why they need it!!!!!

ChrisW372d ago

iPhone X... SIGH!!!

Unless it's an iPhone 9... I won't even care about it.