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Is Your Hometown’s Facebook Group Full Of Psychopaths Like Mine?

NRM: "Are you a part of your small hometown’s Facebook group? If its anything like the one I’m in, you’ve probably seen the psychotic fringe of what your childhood place of residence has to offer."

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Cueil260d ago

you absolutely should be allowed to shoot someone who breaks into your house... :-D

StockpileTom259d ago

Seems crazy... until it happens to you. Now, I'm not trained in firearms... but if it were to happen again I'd probably reach for the nearest "big blunt stick" like object. Of course if there is a reasonable option to flee I'd take it... but that's rare in close quarters.

Criminal behavior typically involves irrational thought and an escalating pattern of severity. If someone is willing to break-in they may also make an irrational decision in the heat of the moment to make the leap to murder if they think they might be identified.