Google has been secretly paying Mastercard for sales data to track retail sales

For at least the past year, Google has been paying to receive transaction information about the world’s 2 billion Mastercard users. The secret deal between Alphabet Inc.’s Google and Mastercard Inc. developed after four years of negotiations but is only now becoming public.

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Srhalo296d ago (Edited 296d ago )

I remember about 10 years ago back when i still used google I went to a local restaurant (not a chain or anything). and used my CC and when I got back to my computer less than 30 minutes later google was already was giving me info for the restaurant. That was when I stopped using google directly (I use startpage or duck duck go) and went back to Firefox.

Question_Mark295d ago

Google does a lot of questionable and despicable things, like being racist against whites and asians, as well as being sexist towards men.

annoyedgamer295d ago

Normaly antitrust laws are used to break these companies up when they get this large. But its hard to get politicians to care when said corporations are their biggest donors.

Kostche294d ago

nothing new, another day another way for google to be the enemy of the people and spy, if they are not being pro censorship they are buying and celling data, and just the other day they are desgining programs to censor and block things in china for the goverment against the people...