RIP Elon Musk's Instagram account

As of today, August 21, billionaire crybaby, Elon Musk, has just deleted his Instagram account. The account had more than 8 million followers, and it appears to have vanished following a recent tiff with him, some singer called Grimes, and rapper Azealia Banks.

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SunnyZ328d ago

Some person deletes their Instagram account, this is tech news how?
Go back to TMZ with this garbage

KingPin328d ago

LMFAO!!! this site is class and brings to us information technology news you didn't think you even have to hear about

just kidding...its going downhill pretty quick. lol
in all honesty, newsboiler sites owe me money for prizes that i doubt ill see so i stopped contributing/approving articles since. Ive also recently enabled my adblocker for their sites.