NVIDIA GeForce GTX 2080/1180 will be Called RTX 2080

According to a fresh batch of rumors, the next-gen NVIDIA cards will have a new naming scheme. The upcoming Turing GPUs will be named GeForce RTX 2080.

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Kados122d ago

RTX 2080 "8% faster than 1080 ti" Looks like i'll be waiting 20-25 more years to upgrade my system. GPU makers releasing obsolete tech as new to draw out and maximize profits. Be a couple decades before a decent upgrade shows up.

ABizzel1122d ago

If you have a 1080 Ti, you wouldn't be looking to upgrade to this to being with, you'd be looking at the RTX 2080 ti, which would be 30% - 50% more powerful than the current 1080 Ti if all the GPUs scale the same.

The RTX series is a solid upgrade in like for like models.

2080 Ti >>> 1080 Ti
2080 > 1080 Ti
2070 > 1080
2060 < 1070
2050 < 1060

Price is the make or break for these GPUs.

ChrisW119d ago

It seems that you don't understand the difference between a standard ~80 vs a ~80ti

Kados119d ago (Edited 119d ago )

I very much know the difference. It is just pathetically weak regardless. Look at GPU gains gen to gen 10+ years ago compared to today. They have started hoarding older tech to hock off as new. Making incremental upgrades when the tech to make major ones is already physcially available. Setting GPU power to a pre-defined percentage over the previous gens cards, based on arbitrary naming conventions, rather than what avaialble tech actually allows for. It has become even worse since Bitcoin took off. They know they can leech old tech for longer now and still sell at a premium.

The 2080 should be 30-40% more powerful than the 1080ti, and include 12GB VRam. The 2080ti should be 80%+ more powerful than the 1080ti, and include 16GB VRam. If they had been following this all along, they would have been releasing GPUs pushing 16TF+ by now (Standard GPUs, not Titans. Titans could be easily pushing 20TF, maybe even 25TF by now if they really wanted). The tech is there, they just choose not to use it.

Cobra951121d ago

I'm so glad that I won't need to upgrade anytime soon. The devs won't be getting too much of an extra break on optimization work, so new games will keep running well on current GPUs.