Surprise, surprise: the blue light from smartphones are killing our eyes

A new study says that staring at a computer or smartphone screen all day could hurt our eyes. Explicitly, the journal Scientific Reports says the blue light that emits from devices might speed up our chance of becoming blind because it causes molecules to become “toxic.”

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Cobra951566d ago

I just got a monitor, and it has 5 levels of blue filtering. (Looks bad at all levels but zero.) Is that why? Is this fear something that's been around a while? It's the first I hear of it. Not that it's surprising that staring at a screen all day is bad for the eyes.

KingPin564d ago

well android comes with a night time mode. opera mini has one too.
for pc, there is always flux which ive been using since forever. works like a charm. takes a bit to set up and get comfy with but right after its smooth sailing. for those that wanna check it out.