10 Retro Gadgets You May Still Own Worth A Small Fortune

If you are into your gadgets and tech, it is likely that you may have some old retro junk still lying around. Perhaps in your loft or basement in a box somewhere? Or maybe in one of your drawers that has been left untouched for decades! Check out our list of 10 retro gadgets to see if you might be able to make a quick small fortune.

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deadman12185d ago

Anyone here have anything from the list in their possession? Or anything else that could have potentially made the list for an honourable mention?

deadman12185d ago

Forgot to add I do have an ipod classic 1st gen

ProjectVulcan85d ago

Many Game + watch handhelds are fairly collectable. I had a couple and they are now worth good money, depending on actual model.

deadman12185d ago

Ah cool, will actually include this in a later article - appreciate the tip (will be doing one related to gaming for N4G)

level 36085d ago

Used to own a waterproof yellow Sony Walkman w/ auto-reverse, kept it for years and was super tough honestly.

deadman12185d ago

Do you still own it? Would be cool to know what it might be worth on ebay either way