Lyft is possibly working on a feature that will keep your driver's mouth shut

Ride-sharing apps are a godsend, but they sometimes come at a cost that goes beyond the $8 or $10 you spent to get home from the club. Lyft might build a ‘zen mode’ to let drivers know you don’t feel like chatting.

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sonicwrecks582d ago

Can this be implimented for all taxi services ever?

mikeslemonade581d ago

That's a good feature. I'm a full time ride-share driver and it's not always easy to read people if they wanna talk. So I usually never talk unless the passenger talks first.

OhReginald582d ago

More like peace of mind for the drivers.

KingPin582d ago

have people really become that selfish that they cant even make a decent convo with a complete stranger even for a few mins till they get home.
i get it, if its late and you wanna sleep or drunk af from a party that you wouldn't wanna talk but its only common courtesy to talk to someone you in the car with. but i guess those people would rather be in their own world on a phone and text someone they know who is miles away.

with the internet, the world got smaller and yet people are growing further apart.