Due to U.S. tariffs, some of your favorite gadgets could soon get more expensive

With the United States and China embroiled in a trade war, it was just a matter of time before some of the most popular gadgets on the planet would be affected. We now have a better idea which of those products could soon be slapped with a 10 percent tariff.

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demonicale88d ago

About time, the US is cheaper than most countries anyway.

thorstein88d ago

Yeah, because the markup on cell phones wasn't already egregious.

We know this because all technology decreases in manufacturing and materials as time increases. The only exceptions are cars and cell phones. When first manufactured these things were expensive, but due to automation, the production has decreased the cost of manufacturing.

Now, for cars and cell phones, we are paying 3 times as much for a product that costs 1/3 what it used to cost to manufacture.