iPhone sales have failed to impress in India, so Apple executives are leaving

Apple may have to rethink its iPhone strategy in the world’s fastest-growing major smartphone market. Calling it a symptom of “Apple’s persistent malaise” there, key executives have now left the company in India.

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PrimeVinister95d ago

Eventually stuff like "we only throttled the CPU without telling you and denied doing so for years for your own good" catches up to companies.

Cobra95194d ago

That's only the top of the tip of the iceberg. Indians understand the value of money better than spoiled Westerners. They're not about to start paying a premium for Apple's luxury image. Other products meet their needs as well or better, for more-deserved prices.

PrimeVinister94d ago

Definitely true.

I would also wager that the average Indian being more tech savvy than Westerners helps too.