Apple has probably fixed its keyboard disaster, but kept quiet about the fix

There’s reason to believe that Apple has learned from its mistakes and has fixed the keyboard found on the recently introduced 2018 MacBook Pro. Just don’t expect it to confirm this news anytime soon.

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PrinceVegeta312d ago

Apple never owns up to their mistakes.

Cobra951312d ago

Those who still haven't seen the light about Apple may want to keep their eye on Louis Rossmann's Youtube channel. He is a qualified repair guy who pulls no punches with Apple. Here's a good general video, cued up to the failing keyboards in the earlier MBPs:

Stanjara312d ago

I discovered Louis Rossman a year ago and became absolute fan. Now he is with Linus tech tips fixing his 5k iMac pro and I cannot wait for that video. Go Rossman group!

KingPin311d ago

if they didnt tell you it was faulty, why would they tell you they fixed anything? lol

you cant solve a problem if you deny it being there in the first pace.