Facebook will not remove fake news

It says fake news is not against its "community standards".

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Cobra95197d ago

"We see Pages on both the left and the right pumping out what they consider opinion or analysis – but others call fake news. We believe banning these Pages would be contrary to the basic principles of free speech."

There's a pleasant surprise. Facebook admits that there can be either a left spin and a right spin applied to facts as reported by different news outlets. Never expected to see that. Kudos to them, for once.

Speed-Racer96d ago

Good call. Fake news is a problem because there are people out there willfully making up false content to sway voters or to make a quick buck BUT a lot of people also label opinions they don't agree with as fake news.

Spartacus1094d ago

I completely agree.
There are people who love to sway votes, then there are people who really take the piss.
During the brexit referendum people kept talking rubbish about "economic stability" offered by the EU when all the facts including multiple recessions, the deterioration of the value of the GBP (prior to the referendum), the NHS being in ruins, and a housing crisis thats going on for well over a decade, prove that isn't the case.

The irony is that most of the instability we are seeing today is a result of the fear mongering of those same fake news spreaders and the rest is because of their influence on the PM.