NVIDIA is Stockpiling One Million Next-Gen Graphics Cards

According to a report from DigiTimes, NVIDIA has stockpiled about a million next generation GPUs that are yet to be released.

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Cobra9511204d ago

I never thought I'd come to hate this company, but they are sure trying to get me there. Withholding stock from retail to drive up prices (if true) would be just be the latest of several anticonsumer moves they've made over the past year, with their crowning glory being the GPP, which enough people got pissed off about to make them backpedal (and then blame the press for reporting it accurately instead of aping Nvidia's BS PR). Another is releasing inferior products using established (and professionally reviewed) product names. These can easily end up as OEM in prefab systems, or otherwise dupe unsavvy buyers trying to get into gaming systems for the first time.

harshitsharma24261204d ago

They are withholding the stock for unreleased cards in order to make sure that the stock channel of current generation cards is drained before they release new cards. They may further delay the release of the new next-gen GPUs if all the current gen stock is not sold off. If anything, it'll decrease the price of the cards instead of increasing it. Selling off current cards is currently a priority for NVIDIA and the prices are expected to fall even more. And whenever the next-gen cards are actually released, a huge existing stockpile will make sure that the cards are sold at a reasonable price.
What you say makes sense, but there's a whole different angle to see this too.

thekhurg1204d ago

They regularly sell their cards as stock is available for MSRP. This article is about next-generation cards, not current generation tech. They are making sure they don't run into the same nonsense they ran into here lately with the bitcoin mining. They wanted cards being sold to gamers at MSRP.

When some douchebag company jacks up the prices because of demand, Nvidia doesn't get more money from that, they get the headache of consumers complaining about it.

Gwiz1204d ago

I'm glad I bought my desktop 1080ti right before the mining craze went flip mode.
and looking at the current affairs they really start to make AMD seem a much better choice.

(Not for me,i'm sticking with my HW for years to come)