LGBT People Avoid Careers In Science and Engineering due to Discrimination Fears

Recent study by Institution of Engineering & Technology revealed young people from LGBT community avoid taking STEM subjects due to fear of discrimination.

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Cobra951773d ago

Two observations: (1) Even straight guys can't usually go around expressing their sexuality in the workplace. (2) Talented engineers won't be hampered by their sexual preferences in the slightest, particularly if they come to work, and not to try to be socially disruptive.

Kostche770d ago

lmao... homosexuals are the most protected privilage class along side blacks or any other so called minorities, companies are bending over backwards to get these people into the work place in the name of diversity and tolerance, get out the echo chambers and just live your lives, like majority of my homosexual friends do... stop pandering to this, my friends hate this kind of we are weak and need wrapped up in cotton wool incase their feelings are hurt bs

Inzo769d ago (Edited 769d ago )

I think its more due to fear of facts.