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Facebook still doesn't respect our privacy and waited two months to fix a breach

Facebook still has a long way to go when it comes to protecting our privacy. After the Cambridge Analytica scandal, it now appears there’s been another data breach, this one involving as many as 120 million Facebook accounts.

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masterfox114d ago

Facebook privacy?, just a reminder cause there is alot of ignorance regarding this matter, the moment you sign in and start putting pictures in facebook and other stuff your Privacy was lost like forever, sorry, and this applies to Twitter, Instagram, whatever social media you are using, there is no such thing as Internet Privacy and Facebook is part of the internet, just need to use a bit of common sense to understand it, the only thing you can do to be secure while navigating the internet is educate yourself in what to do and not to, and also hope for the places you visit in the internet they make good use of your information you are leaving behind.