Intel Graphics Cards to Arrive in 2020, CEO Confirms

Intel CEO, Brian Krzanich has confirmed that the chip-maker will start shipping it's very first discrete graphics cards by 2020. In a market largely domina

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KingPin125d ago

this could be bad news for AMD more than it is for nvidia.
however we will have to wait to see whether intel is going to tackle nvidia directly in power or try to go the AMD route and try the price/performance route.

Bobafret125d ago

It's Intel, more likely they will initially go for bragging rights over Nvidia with power. Not sure how I feel about a third player.

Cobra951125d ago

The more players, the better--even more so because of mining demand on GPUs.

KingPin125d ago

imo it would be dumb of them to try that on their first range of GPUs mostly because its highly unlikely they would "win" against nvidia. Nvidia knows graphics, its what they do. if intel does pull it off id be surprised.

but like you said, its intel, they'll strap an external air-con to it if they must just to show up the competition.

fr0sty124d ago

I bet Intel is going to try to compete with AMD in the home console space... watch the PS5 be Navi/Zen based, and the Next Xbox (Scarlet) be Intel based. It's supposed to launch in 2020 according to rumors, which lines up with this perfectly.

DeadlyFire125d ago

You are joking right? Intel doesn't stand a chance against AMD, and NVIDIA. Intel has never made better than average gpu line up even when they try their best.

MWH125d ago

Exciting times ahead if they succeed in their competition especially with nvidia. Perhaps it will end Nvidia's overall monopoly on the market.