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Home security has always been super popular, and security cameras are exploding in growth. The first real plug-and-play camera was Nest’s Dropcam, but it and subsequent models are expensive. That’s where something like WyzeCam comes in.

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ajax17154d ago

Wow, I might have to get a couple! I can't believe how insanely cheap that is!

Newmanator153d ago

I have one of these and one of the new rotating ones (Pan?) The value for money is incredible. I buy them as Christmas/Birthday gifts they are so cheap.

Wagz22153d ago

After reading a few reviews, it's a little concerning where the traffic of your data is going. It looks like it doesn't just use AWS and seems to go to multiple others so just be aware of that. I'm not sure if I'd trust this very much, even though the price is amazing.