Will Gen Z Finally Kill Facebook?

Teenagers don’t think the social media giant is cool anymore, but that’s all right.

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Cobra9511329d ago

Sweetie, you can't fight gun violence with banners and slogans. Once guns get involved, the only way to counter it is with better guns, or better shooters. The guns are here, by the millions. No legislation has a hope of making them vanish. All legislation can do is disarm law abiders, make them even more vulnerable to armed criminals and psychos.

When you have a pen full of sheep, and there are wolves in the woods nearby, the very least you should do is get some sheepdogs. The wolves won't care about banners or slogans either.

annoyedgamer1328d ago

People who think that protests do anything are usually rich sheltered kids. If they have been to poor areas where law enforcement is nonexistent or to third world countries such as where my folks emigrated from, they would sing a different tune.

subtenko1328d ago

The wolfs should be able to live with the sheep. Tear down those pins/fences. How about no boarders and let the animals live together