Emirates wants entirely windowless airplanes in the future

Emirates wants to introduce airplanes with no real windows, where virtual windows replace the ability to directly see outside.

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Speed-Racer160d ago

No thank you! But I guess if they're gonna look as good as in Black Mirror, then who are we to stop them?

ajax17160d ago (Edited 160d ago )

Well, on the bright side you'd never get sucked out of a window; as improbable as that may be in the first place.

bow2yoda160d ago

you realize that someone just died because they were sucked out of a plane window right....

2pacalypsenow160d ago

That was caused by the engine exploding, not a failure of the window itself.

ImGumbyDammit160d ago (Edited 160d ago )

She was not sucked out of the plane window. She was pulled into the window but, never actually left the plane. That was not the cause of her death. She died from trauma related to being hit by the shrapnel from the exploding engine.

ajax17160d ago

Yeah, that's why I said it.

Speed-Racer160d ago

What are you talking about bow2yoda? ajax's point is saying that if there were no windows, the odds of getting sucked out would be much lower.

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franwex160d ago (Edited 160d ago )

I love looking outside at the ocean and clouds but I’ve noticed most people close the blinds anyway.
I’m sure most passengers won’t care.

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