What's New With Sophia

Strike a pose Sophia! Giulio Di Sturco became the first photographer to step into Hanson Robotics, the lab that gave the world the robotic marvel Sophia in 2016. The robot with its advanced AI features and aspects has been shooting for the stars ever since its release. It was designed to display a wide range …

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zodiac909145d ago

Still looks creepy beyond explanation.

Cobra951145d ago (Edited 145d ago )

And it still can be 100% fake. Good scripting and logic decisions within code running on a powerful computer do not equate to sentience or feelings. One of my early experiences with computers was similar to this, back in the 70s. It was of course not spoken or heard. Communication was through a keyboard and display. It was clever enough to make me think perhaps something was self-aware in there. It partly motivated my entry into IT, where I quickly realized computers have the intelligence of an ashtray. They merely regurgitate and run through the set paths of what has been programmed into them by real sentient beings. I have yet to see any real evidence that true sentience is possible in software.