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Apple Blocks Steam Link Streaming App Citing "Business Conflicts"

Valve recently announced a Steam Link app that allowed streaming games from your Steam library directly to your smartphone and also functions as a bluetooth controller.

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SunnyZ149d ago

Apple can suck a dick.

choujij148d ago (Edited 148d ago )

Yet another reason why I will never buy one of their products.

"Valve said in a statement that the team spent hours testing the app on the platform, so they are clearly disappointed, and hopes that Apple will reconsider this decision in the future. Given the fact that it was rejected twice, I find that somewhat unlikely, but I guess we’ll see. What’s bugging me is that there are already numerous streaming apps on the iOS store, so I’m not sure what the exact reason for blocking Valve’s Steam Link app is. We’ll let you know if and when Apple responds to Valve’s statement."

I would love to hear what their excuse is.