If you are a chronic returner, Amazon may just ban your account

Amazon returns are no longer being tolerated on a large scale. The online retail giant is now banning shoppers who return too many items. Amazon returns are no longer being tolerated on a large scale, but what exactly defines that scale?

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Cobra951239d ago

Amazon have gotten too powerful too fast. That's really just as much our fault as it is theirs, since we keep throwing them our money. Regardless, they need to spell out the exact conditions under which someone may get banned from their service. Anyone close to breaching those conditions needs to be notified about it, before they fall off the edge.

dangert12239d ago

I think this has more to do with people who "stunt/flex".

You know have an item then at the return phase ends send it back, when refunded purchase something else. Rinse and repeat.

TheOpenWorlder239d ago

Yeah, this is clearly for people who abuse the system, and from who Amazon doesn't profit. They lose money than make it. It's an obvious choice to ban someone who is negatively impacting your business. If you return 10 things but buy 1 thing for $20,000 and keep it - I doubt you'd get banned!

Cobra951236d ago

I get that, guys. Problem is that enforcement rules apparently aren't getting spelled out properly to the consumer. That's all I'm asking for. Amazon are certainly within their rights fighting against abuse.