Comcast are a**holes and not even trying to hide it anymore

In the latest round of “wtf Comcast,” the company is charging customers a $90 installation fee, even if Comcast cable already runs to the unit. Ok, I see some of you not freaking out and let me explain – people are spending $90 to have a Comcast technician literally plug in your modem.

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S2Killinit153d ago (Edited 153d ago )

All of the telecommunication companies are. They are the worst.

Cobra951153d ago

After dealing with several ISPs and cable companies since the mid-90s, I have no doubt that Comcast is the worst, by a wide margin.

blackblades153d ago

Wtf, this should hit national news. Spread this over twitter let everyone know not to support this company and wither away.

Ashlen153d ago

You can't not support them when most Americans only have one option for internet provider which is Comcast.

If you think this is bad just wait till the net neutrality repeal goes into effect this will seem minor when compared to the exploitation they will enforce after that.

bluefox755153d ago

They're a bit pricey, but everything else I'm happy with.Their internet is fast and never goes down. They have wifi hotspots everywhere. The cable TV is always improving with new features. I don't understand the hate.

Nodoze153d ago

Wow work for the company much? Cable TV is DEAD. Comcast knows this as does every other provider. Cord cutting continues and as a result they look for new ways to gouge customers. My cable company sends me monthly correspondence via regular mail (sometimes more than once per month) to add basic cable to my internet only account. Imagine the money they are spending on this for every single customer (at 49 cents per parcel).