Humans are too f***ing stupid to use the Tesla Autopilot feature

There has been another Tesla crash and it is starting to seem like perhaps technology is advancing further than our ability to properly assimilate it into our daily lives. The Tesla failed to stop at a red light, while going 60mph, and smashed into the back of a fire truck, while the driver was staring down at their phone. Brilliant.

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Nodoze643d ago

Yes they are. That or the competition is deliberately trying to get bad press for the Tesla. Which as a point of note is a remarkable achievement and contains technology at least a decade ahead of the competition. The electronics in a Tesla are like a super computer compared to a 386 in most 'modern' vehicles.

Kostche642d ago

humans are to stupid to use autopilot? lmao, please.. the ai super GOD is to DUMB know when to stop when it should, if the point of auto pilot is to drive like normal, then we do not NEED IT

it was AI ERROR not human error

quote** perhaps technology is advancing further than our ability to properly assimilate it into our daily lives

so far head of us, but yet cannot even comprehend when it must or should stop.. these ai worshipers are joke

Cobra951643d ago

Sorry, but what the f***?! (to use your own eloquent terminology). Isn't the whole idea of an autopilot to have the safety of an advanced system protecting the car occupants precisely from this sort of tragedy? How was this system sold to this driver? Was he warned that it sucks at evaluating intersections and traffic signals? Or was he told to leave his worries behind? I don't know. But to call a victim of an obviously inadequate piloting system a "moron" takes more than brass ones. It takes a depraved indifference for human life.

Kostche642d ago

exactly, its autopilot, its supposed to know when to stop, and they had the nerve to blame human for their GOD AI is SO SUPERIOR, please... the stupid ai never stopped that is AI error not human error for doing something else while auto pilot is engaged, if the point of autopilot is to watch the same as drivers do NOW why do we need it?

KingPin643d ago

see, heres the problem. everyone wants the system to be flawless with 0% error.
tesla doesnt say its 100% safe in any of their adverts for the auto-pilot system. it just says that its much safer or less error prone than humans.

i agree that not stopping at an intersection is something that really shouldnt happen, but how many human drivers make that same mistake daily...the question than becomes, how many humans fail to stop vs how many teslas daily where we can measure apples to apples. so you cant say 1 tesla crash is better than 100 human crashes because there might only be 10 teslas on the road vs 1 miilion cars.

but if i was tesla i would urge them to get someone to do a full thorough study and get some statistics on their side. so if they were to make a claim that auto-pilot is 1000 times safer than a human driver it would show you just how bad humans are at driving compared to an error-prone auto-pilot.

Kostche642d ago

it was ai error, not HUMAN error, the ai crashed the car, if people have to drive like they do now while in auto pilot then there is NO reason for AUTO PILOT

KingPin638d ago

congrats on missing the point.
the AI is not 100% safe but if it were 90% safer than human drivers (with regards to driving in general) then there is a reason to have auto-pilot.

bluefox755642d ago

Isn't the point of autopilot to be absent human control? Shouldn't it be designed with stupid people in mind?