Keyless-ignition cars are killing people

Keyless-ignition cars offer the convince of not having to worry about using a physical key to start and stop the vehicle. Unfortunately, there’s a dangerous downside, which The New York Times recently discovered.

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SunnyZ208d ago

Uhhh, if you can't tell whether a car is on or off you should not own a car...

steven83r208d ago

No keyless cars are not killing people, Morons are killing themselves. You could smell a cars exhaust in a closed garage the second you exit the vehicle. And my car beeps 10 times fast to alert you car is on as you shut the door.

s45gr32208d ago

This is embarrassing, are humans this dumb. Come on, how can a person not tell if the car is on or off. Seriously, if the dashboard is lit, the car is on.

Cobra951208d ago

Yes, it's dumb. But have you never done anything dumb? Lucky you if so. I have been in a car and not realized it was running. The engine was that smooth and quiet at idle. Again, not disputing that it's dumb. But a few easy safeguards can't hurt, and they might save someone who may otherwise be smart and a good person to have around. One casual lapse in judgment shouldn't be fatal if it's easily preventable.

Besides, I hate keyless ignitions. And yes, I am getting old.