The MacBook Pro keyboard is so bad that Apple has been hit with a class action lawsuit

It is no secret that Apple’s newest MacBook Pro keyboard is hated by a lot of people. The keyboard is plagued with issues, with the smallest debris causing keys to just completely stop working. The low profile, “butterfly” keyboard is now back in the news, this time being served with a class action lawsuit.

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kevnb155d ago

Well we probably won’t see that design return.

Cobra951155d ago

Apple needs to experience a lot more such pain. I don't know of any other first-world company that gets away with nearly so much anticonsumer behavior, while keeping a hefty customer base coming back for more. They could stamp their logo on a turd, spray-paint it off-white, and sell it for big money to the unflinching faithful. It has to be the greatest image-over-substance success story in retail history.