Maker of smart luggage goes out of business after airlines ban bags with built-in batteries

Bluesmart Inc., one of the world’s first smart luggage makers, is packing its bags and calling it quits — a victim of its own design flaws.

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SunnyZ192d ago

Well that is silly of them.
Should replace the batteries with lithium polymer plastic batteries.
Totally safe, do not explode or burn if overcharged, cut, stabbed, short circuited, etc.

kneon191d ago

It could also be that most people don't want to spend $400 on a piece of luggage. I used to travel a lot and have seen the toll that baggage handling has on luggage, and the really expensive luggage doesn't seem to fair any better than a similar mid price product. But stay away from the really cheap crap, it may not last even one trip.

Cobra951190d ago

"The company says it won't honor its warranty and won't respond to customers who want to return or get a replacement for any Bluesmart products."

Then they better seek bankruptcy protection right quick, because they're in for some tumbles in civil court otherwise.