NVIDIA Terminates GPP, GeForce Partner Program

NVIDIA today announced that it's pulling the plug on it's much controversial GeForce Partner Program, otherwise known as GPP.

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ChrisW188d ago

A month or so ago, when I first started hearing about this, I couldn't believe that it was as horrible as people were making it out to be. I thought they were over-exaggerating and being haters and spreading false information... Mostly because the it was hard to believe that a major corporation like Nvidia would do something so pathetically stupid.

Wow... I hope whomever concocted this retarded scheme gets reassigned to a windowless basement office.

Cobra951187d ago

I think they were shocked by the backlash. They dominate the GPU market, and probably could have made GPP stick. The card makers were already well on their way to separating AMD into alternate brands. I'm glad Nvidia blinked. Doesn't mean they won't try more anticompetitive crap in the future, though.