The PlayStation 5 may not be released until after 2020

With both Xbox and PlayStation consoles receiving receiving proper 4K treatment within the last two years, Sony fans may have to hold out just a bit longer until 2020 for another major console release.

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AlphaCeph189d ago

Sounds reasonable given the mid-cycle refresh.

ajax17189d ago

I don't mind the longer wait. The PS4/Xbox One still have plenty of life left in them.

SpringHeeledJack189d ago

Too many games to still come out this year and next. I predict a special announcement event like the PS4 had in February of 2020 with a end of the year release.

OmnislashVer36189d ago (Edited 189d ago )

True, but if the games come out during 2019 what's to say PS5 won't be released late 2019? It happened with The Last of Us releasing same year as PS4 for instance. Furthermore there's even more incentive because they can get the games running on PS5 pretty easily due to similar architecture.

I think it's more a question on if the chips will be ready in time. 7nm is coming out late this year for servers I believe and next year for gamers and there are likely modifications and a price point they need to balance which could push it to 2020. There's also the scarcity of GDDR6. I've read it's only 20% more expensive, but we still haven't seen a single card with it.

Things like this will likely keep the wait until 2020.

jukins188d ago

yea if amd gets there chips out on time and available in mass i could see it in 2019. i mean if they could supposedly match/surpass nvidias 1080ti at $250, as reported, and "stackable scalability" is viable I could see a 2019 launch. but guess we will see

FinalFantasyFanatic189d ago (Edited 189d ago )

Good, it means the ps5 will be even better upgrade when it does come out. Gives me time to finish my games.

OmnislashVer36189d ago

Not really. 7nm is 2019, 7nm+ is 2020. The difference will likely be negligible. What's worst is if we wait until 2020 4nm might be out by 2021/2022 and the console will be outdated within 2 years. Atleast if we get it in 2019 we get the extra year for that "nex-gen" experience before PCs outclass them by an even higher margin. It's always cool to be on the cutting edge for a while.

MWH189d ago

the feature focus this time should be "full frame rate".