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Analysis: Trump is right — Amazon is a master of tax avoidance

The president is meddling with one of the country's biggest companies, but he's right about a couple of important measures.

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dcbronco195d ago

Or did they pull a Trump? Didn't he go ten years without paying taxes. What a fraud.

ajax17195d ago

Well, yeah. It takes one to know one, lol.

The_Blue194d ago

My life has purpose, I can activate my hate.

-Trump Supporters

194d ago
Concertoine194d ago (Edited 194d ago )

It's almost like a business CEO was doing what was in the best interest of his business

And now it's almost like a president is doing what's in the best interest of a country with 20 trillion in debt...

Now if only he'd stop spending so much on the military, then I could defend him with a cleaner conscience.

overrated44194d ago

He's also specifically attacking Amazon because Bezos owns the Washington Post and they've broken a lot of stories about Trump and his friends/family.

Deadpoolio194d ago

You mean like when he made it OK for mentally ill people to get access to firearms....Or how about when he allowed chopping off up to 85% of national parks so they could be strip mined and drilled out of existence....Or maybe it was when he made it OK for corporations to pollute air and water with no consequences, cause who needs the environment...Oooh oooh was it the time he backed a Pedo, or allowing cabinet secretaries to spend hundreds of thousands if not millions on things like private planes, desks, dinnerware......Oooh I know in the best interests must have been when he lied to the morons about Mexico LMFAO paying for a wall, which has now turned into a fence on the tax payer dime......Oh wait it must have been when he completely screwed people on health insurance....Maybe its the constant lies about illegals voting, which doesn't happen, illegals getting welfare, which they don't, or illegals getting health care which they don't, illegals also don't get unemployment or qualify for anything......

Deadpoolio194d ago

They have contracts...The current contract between Amazon and the Post Office would be one that they both agreed on the terms of....Its just more of Moron Trump talking about things he has zero clue about, but doesn't like Bezos because he is legitimately rich and Trump isn't even close to his level.....They have also been making money on Amazon for years, after they starting forcing Amazon to charge sales tax on purchases....

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WelkinCole195d ago

So he pushed for the Tax cut for the super rich and for corporation then complain about companies not paying enouhg taxes?

Lets face it. Trump is just jealous

Muadiib195d ago

Those companies employ a lot of people, many of which have benefited from the tax breaks, you don't understand the most simple aspects of an economy.

PhantomS42194d ago

Neither does Trump if raising taxes for everyone but his pals will help

Cobra951194d ago

The most simple fact of the economy is that the big corporations won't hire one more soul or spend one more dollar on wages or investments than they absolutely have to, regardless of taxes. If you want to give people a tax break, give the people a tax break. Don't give the very wealthy a huge windfall, and then call it a tax break for the common working class, because supposedly now they'll get more jobs and better wages. That is such horse manure.

Deadpoolio194d ago

You mean the handful of companies that gave people one time bonuses...LMFAO you morons still think your going to benefit from the tax cuts LMFAO thats a good one....Good luck with that, maybe suddenly companies will give money to their workers unlike the other 100 times its been tried and they didn't do anything but pocket the extra cash...But you enjoy your extra $100 bucks a week.....

2pacalypsenow194d ago (Edited 194d ago )

looks like someone can’t handle someone else having a different opinion...

ProjectVulcan194d ago

Just because you don't like Trump doesn't make him always wrong. He's right, amazon scalp every government for taxes. The corporation tax they pay in Europe is a joke considering their profits

dantesparda194d ago

And "just because" even a broken clock can be right twice a day that doesnt mean that Trump is right either or should be getting any credit for it. He's not doing this for the right reasons but rather for his own personal reasons and vendettas. Remember this is the guy from the party that is for tax cuts for the rich, yet he's bitching about this company (the rich) getting to much of a tax break simply because he doesnt like the owner. He's a buffoon and a goon and a know nothing old hag.

And people do you realize that if they (Amazon) has to pay more taxes then we (the people) will just end up paying more for it.

TheRealHeisenberg194d ago

He is almost always wrong and mostly wrong always.

Deadpoolio194d ago

You do know they have been paying taxes for years correct? They also started charging tax on purchases to comply with law changes. FYI since you seem to know less that Trump. Amazon is paying exactly the amount that Amazon and the USPS agreed protip: its how ALL businesses deal with the USPS. You generally get discounts on bulk shipping...Maybe you and the Moron in Chief should do some actual research.......Oh just so you know your moron leader is so retarded people have tried to explain the FACTS to him and he doesn't believe the people who factually know more than he does....

360ICE194d ago

Lol another article saying Trump is right about something he didn't say in full. Trump said they're a cost for USPS. They're not.

You can't give credit for 1 truth if it's packaged with 4 lies.