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Buzz Aldrin : Did the astronaut really see an Alien Spacecraft?

Buzz Aldrin, along with three other astronauts claimed to have spotted an alien spacecraft en route moon. British publications reported that they even passed a lie detector test while giving an account of such sightings.

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1nsomniac2064d ago

Haha the article literally quotes Aldrin’s entire explanation to exactly what it was. That it was part of the ship that had been ejected.

Wow that’s some serious click bait headline there. I was hoping it would actually be something interesting instead of some idiot journalist making a fool of himself.

NewMonday2064d ago

that alien ship was as real as the moon landing.


Elon Musk stated if AI is doing something dangerous, we should know

Elon Musk frequently highlights the risks associated with artificial intelligence, emphasizing its potential threat to humanity's existence.

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‘We dug our own grave with the Cybertruck’, says Elon Musk, in rare moment of self-reflection

Maybe giving your truck the styling of an Nintendo 64 game isn't quite as 'epic' or 'based' as it is impractical.

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Zuckerberg says "it's time to move on" after Musk pulls a coward card

Elon Musk is a coward. The world's most richest coward.

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